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Cartography | Adobe Illustrator

Cartography holds a great deal of power: the map-maker chooses what to include as well as what to exclude from a map.  It is with great diligence that cartographers must plan and execute their maps so as not to skew or mislead with the data they hold.  I hope to be a transparent and honest cartographer, as much as one can truly be held to objectivity, while using maps as one of many tools to fight for social justice.

Basic GIS

Introduction to GIS | ArcMap 10.2

I have gained the basic skills within ArcMap to build choropleth maps, dot density maps, and graduated symbol maps, as well as to create data tables within ArcMap from raw data.  Since building upon my skills as a cartographer, and learning about the visual variables, I hope to continue using GIS to build more accurate and beautiful, data rich maps.  I am deeply passionate about learning how to utilize the amazing tools that are maps and hope to continue to have such opportunities.

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