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The "Other" Cake

In the dead of a Chicago winter in 2008, I decided to heat my apartment at feed my roommates by learning how to make cupcakes.  Little did I realized, that I would love making cupcakes and that 7 years later I would be making cupcakes for weddings and bridal showers, birthdays, and fundraising events!  Thank you brutal Chicago winters.


Pretty Cakes

Indeed, I also did not know I would come to make wedding cakes and other such delicate cakes for celebrations.  I've come to be known for my carrot cake with swiss-meringue creamcheese buttercream icing.  Now, that's a mouth full.  I've had the chance to learn some of the basics from a pastry chef in Seattle but am primarily a self-taught baker. 


Crazy Cakes

Finally, custom sculpted cakes.  This is the niche side of cakes that I have found myself on.  In my early cupcake days my sister asked me to make a princess and bus cake from my neice and nephews' birthdays.  I said, sure, how hard could that be? And that's been my general attitude toward cakes ever since- you dream it, I make it. 

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