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Sculptures | Laney College

My first semester at Laney College I embarked on a new adventure in clay sculpting.  I began this class thinking it would improve my cake sculpting abilities through conceptualization and practice, but I also found a love for this art form.  While I have not had the fortune to continue this on my own time, due to the need for a kiln, I hope to find my way back to it in the near future.


Digital and Pencil

I've dabbled in drawing through most of my adult life.  While I've tended not to be a regular, it has always been a place where I can truly escape the tedium of life and purely focus on the task at hand, however mundane or futile the project may be.  I have recently discovered digital drawing/water-coloring and am in love, with my eye on a short comic to come.



Crafts: I am a very tactile person: I love any art or project that involves detailed thinking, planning, and mess making.  For our wedding, my husband and I hand made our invitations, thank you's, and tying the knot survival guide books.  If you can survive planning a DIY wedding, I believe you can survive any challenges of creative headbutting and come out with an amazing end product.

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