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Fibro Fog

Comics have a history of not being taken seriously as a medium.  Likewise, fibromyalgia has a history of not being taken seriously; often considered an 'ailment of the imagination,' it is a little understood illness that is dismissed both in and out of the medical field.  And so, this semi-autobiographic comic uses an often de-legitimized medium to visually represent an often de-legitimized health experience, making for a satisfying combination of content and form.

Apollo 8

Using charcoal and ink, this comic explores the Apollo 8 mission to orbit the moon in December, 1968. This historical fiction comic is based on astronaut James Lovell's experience.  It pieces together parts of the official mission transcripts and combines them with other major events of 1968 to explore the complex political and social unrest of the late 1960's.  


"Pills" documents a day in my life as a caretaker for my mother-in-law.  This diary comic explores the mundane but never ending negotiation of helping to manage a loved ones' chronic illness.
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